Supplements & Homeopathy

199_Fotosearch_u19179604We have several options available made by well known and reputable companies like Heel, Life Extension, Designs for Health etc.
The majority of people will benefit from detoxification protocol whether to improve weight loss results or just decrease burden from everyday stressors and environmental toxins. There are other remedies we offer that will improve functioning of the thyroid and digestive system and also improve your health and well-being.We will help you choose between homeopathic remedies, as they remove the obstacles for the body to heal itself.
We also use supplements (herbs, minerals, microelements) that could be a pill, drops, powder, lollipops or injections (see Lipotocin injections). We follow recent studies and developments and have it available for our patients.
We will find the supplements or the combination that is optimal for your individual needs.