Methode Physiodermie

Vanguard products and treatments for the face and body, manufactured in Switzerland.
Advanced technology with programmed diffusion of active ingredients; highest quality natural ingredients; selected essential oils and plant extracts; hypoallergic, personalized treatments and products.



Chrono Radiance_225Anti-Age Care – Perfect Colour

Unique formula created from an exclusive synergy of anti-aging complexes and complexion enhancing pigments. Skin regains smoothness and tone. Renders a radiant complexion for a younger looking skin.  New and exclusive concept with a double achievement. Available in three colors- Light, Medium, Dark.

Global Anti-Aging* effect

Acts in all phenomena responsible for visible signs of aging and restores the vitality for a younger looking skin.

Radiance effect.

Micro particles of pearl and multi-reflecting pigments for a visible anti-aging triple effect: reduced blotches, softened wrinkles, and a unified complexion irradiating freshness and youthfulness




CREAM Anti-taches_225Treating cream for uneven skin and dark spots.
This advanced treatment cream normalizes the Melanocyte activity responsible for brown pigmentation spots. It protects the skin’s structure and hydration balance with its UV protection. Regular use gives a soft and clear complexion. Ideal to treat hyperpigmentation and brown spots to rebalance the skin’s color.









MILK NB brochure_225For normal to oily skin.
Lathering cleanser for face, neck, and body hygiene. Specifically formulated for normal to oily skin. Cleanses and protects the skin against bacteria leaving it soft and moisturized. May be used with a facial brush or fingertips.














Detoxifying Mask _V2_225Treating cream for acne rosacea.
Fights acne rosacea. Contains ingredients such as Crataegus Monogina and Butcher’s Broom extracts to destroy the Demodex Folliculorum mite. Skin is rebalanced and soothed. The Anti-Redness Micro-Gel will reduce the redness and discomfort associated with acne rosacea.








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