Benefits of Zerona – Don’t Destroy Your Fat Cells!

1-Primcogent-Home-Animation-gifMost of us think of fat cells as the enemy. After all they gather mass to form those so-detested saddle bags,   love handles, and muffin tops. So it’s no surprise that when we try to regain our beauty we look for techniques that focus on destroying fat cells such as liposuction. However, recent medical science tells us that this approach is in the long run not only in-effective, but also counter-productive.

Fat cells, previously thought of as the body’s “storage deposit” are actually dynamic, complex, and important structures that affect many body functions.  Some fat like lean fat is healthy and helps us lean. It also helps regulate our metabolism, our immune system, and produces hormones and proteins, all essential to a healthy body.  One of these hormones is Adiponectin. This hormone assists the liver in the processing and removal of fat and toxins.  It’s when fat cells become too large that this critical system starts to malfunction. Hormones are no longer produced. This sends your whole body into disorder and chaos. This also creates negative effects on our health. These lead to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and inflammatory disorders.  Not to mention fatigue, joint pain, and low self-esteem.  So why do we get so fat and why is it hard to get skinny again? Another hormone, Leptin, tells our brain when we are full. When our fat cells exceed a safe size they begin to send the signal again and again. The receiving hypothalamus gland responds like an overloaded breaker – it switches off and ignores the signal. This means we never get the signal to stop eating! The fatter we get the more out of control this all gets. Even though in the depths of your consciousness we know that we are digging our own grave with our teeth we can’t do anything because our hormones are controlling the brain.

So how do we get out of this vicious cycle? The first step is seeing your fat as an organ not an enemy. Cutting it out or killing it isn’t the way to go. Likewise if you had a breathing problem you wouldn’t cut out a lung. You would attempt to get your lungs working correctly. Your fat cells are our greatest ally in the “battle of the bulge”. If YOU press the “reset button” they will send the correct message to the brain. You could use the traditional method of diet and exercise which 80% of people fail because of the extreme will power needed to overcome your hormones. OR – you could use ZERONA. To use this machine you must first understand: fat cells, like all other cells in your body communicate using a series of neuron connections. ZERONA causes the fat cells to release their fatty content. This leads to our fat cells acting like healthy ones and sending the correct messages, which in turn begins a cascade of communication throughout the fat organ causing other fat cells to react the same way- turning them into healthy cells. You need your fat cells to send the right messages and ZERONA can trigger that!

When looking at spot reduction you should be aware that procedures such as liposuction and others that kill fat cells can at best provide temporary improvement. In fact, statistics show that within the first year the fat cells will regenerate or grow larger in new areas of the body to compensate for the loss. (Perhaps this is the fat organ’s attempt to heal). In 4-5 years fat grows in the treated areas as well. Also latest research shows that fat cells CAN multiply up to 300 billion cells or 300,000,000,000 cells. This fact shattered the previous notion that fat cells can only grow larger. This is where ZERONA comes into play. ZERONA is a non-invasive, low-level laser therapy solution that “resets” fat cells to their lean, healthy state.

ZERONA is FDA-approved and the only device in the world clinically proven to reduce fat. The ultimate validation of this amazing machine is seen in the tens of thousands of successful patients who not only got lean and healthy, some for the first time in their life. They also once and for all beat the vicious fat cycle stopping them from losing fat in the first place.