Weight Loss Program
Slim-U2 (Microcurrent)


FDA-approved low-level laser device used for non-invasive body slimming of the waist, hips, and thighs.You’ll lose that fat that a diet wouldn’t take care of and in time for the summer.


We can help you achieve your desired figure with the FDA approved CoolSculpting fat freezing technology by Zeltiq.

Lipotocin injections

Lipotocin is a healthy mix of amino acids, B-vitamins, and other helpful synergistic ingredients. Lipotocin injections can be given once or twice weekly to enhance weight loss.

Toskani Diet

Introducing the Toskani diet, an easy and simple way to lose weight. Just take a few drops from the two ampules each weekday in the morning (skip the weekends), and enjoy the benefits.

Healthway Aesthetics

Our team of highly motivated experienced professionals is committed to make you feel and look good. We use several cutting edge technologies or you can choose just hands-on that relaxing good massage or facial. Come in for a consultation and we will put together an individualized plan for you to reach your goals, whether it is an antiaging, detoxification, weight loss or cellulite/wrinkle reduction.